Health Benefits of stop drinking coffee you should know

stop drinking coffee

Caffeine is a chemical – one with which you can build stamina, weaken yourself and begin to depend on your fitness. Caffeine addiction is said to be mild, but your body can actually show withdrawal symptoms when you don’t get rid of it. You won’t be shivering or anything (mostly), but you will experience some shockingly strong symptoms. So if you’re planning on accepting the challenge, keep that ultimate goal in mind. But knowing what’s going to happen is probably a good idea before you get started. Here are some of the Health Benefits of stop drinking coffee that we listed you should know.

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Caffeine can greatly reduce the amount and quality of a person’s sleep.2 Drinking coffee or energy drinks too late in the day can interfere with getting to sleep quickly since the half-life of caffeine is 4-6 hours.

Caffeine can stay in your system for quite some time. If you have any issues with insomnia, it is worth trying to restrict your caffeine intake to mornings only. Even people who have no caffeine after twelve-noon report better quality of sleep after quitting caffeine.

You’ll be cranky

You know that nasty feeling before you’ve had your morning cup of coffee? Once you quit it for good, your irritable demeanor just might last all day. Regular coffee drinkers are accustomed to the mood-boosting effect caffeine can have on the body. Once you yank it away, you’re likely to feel cranky and short-tempered. But don’t worry; once the withdrawal ends, you’ll feel more chipper than ever! That is the Health Benefits of stopping drinking coffee.

Concentrating will become more difficult

Concentrating will become more difficult

If you’re looking to ease yourself off your coffee addiction, maybe don’t do it on a week during which you need to be especially focused. Caffeine helps people concentrate. Think about it: What do you turn to when you’re having trouble getting your brain to function at work? Though there are some foods that can help, you probably opt for caffeine to help kick it into gear. It works because caffeine boosts levels of adrenaline — a hormone that puts your brain on red alert, improving your heart rate and stimulating your brain. Without coffee as a crutch, you might find it more difficult to focus and get things done.

Your teeth won’t look as yellow

This one will only happen if your primary source of caffeine is either coffee or soda. Both of these substances can erode your teeth and stain enamel, causing that yellowish tint. Quit the habit early and you’ll end up with whiter teeth.

You could gain weight

You could gain weight

Have you ever experienced strange cravings if you happen to forgo your caffeine dose one morning? Since coffee can temporarily suppress your appetite, you might find yourself reaching for fat- or sugar-loaded replacements more often than usual once you stop drinking your daily cup of joe. This is especially true when your caffeine withdrawal kicks in and your body starts searching for a quick sugar fix, boosting your blood sugar and daily caloric consumption.

You could have a healthier smile

Coffee is highly acidic, which means it erodes your tooth enamel and stains your teeth with every sip. Cut the caffeine and you’ll protect your teeth from a lifetime of erosion, leading to a whiter (and more confident!) smile.

You could become constipated

You could become constipated- Health Benefits of stop drinking coffee

Caffeine keeps things moving through your intestines, which is why you may feel backed up when you stop drinking your usual cup of java. But never fear, there are plenty of other ways to keep your bathroom trips regular: eat lots of fiber (found in whole grains, vegetables, and beans) drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. Your digestive system will thank you.

You’ll Be Grumpy for a Bit

Even if you’re not the kind of person who’s grumpy before your first caffeine fix of the day, you might experience some pretty crazy mood swings and bouts of fatigue when you first ditch java and cola. To ensure your friends and co-workers don’t think you’ve gone totally insane, you might want to give them a heads up so they know why you’re being so short-fused.

Your Workouts May Feel Tougher

Health Benefits of stop drinking coffee. Having some coffee or tea before you hit the gym has been shown to decrease exercisers’ perception of effort. And according to The American College of Sports Medicine, the upper improves exercise performance and intensity, too. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that once you kick your caffeine habit to the curb, your workouts may feel a bit tougher than they did in the past.

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