Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont- Clermont’s tourist Destination

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Clermont is a city with a population of 30,000, you will find Clermont midway between the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast, When it comes to Florida’s finest cities, there’s no shortage of excitement to be had! Clermont’s assorted sights and sounds are among the finest around, establishing it as an absolute must-see whenever you’re in the area. It is quite a beautiful city, surrounded by a lot of lakes of varying sizes and shapes, you will get to see residents and guests to Clermont using the lakes for recreational purposes. From these things we would share the Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont- Clermont’s tourist Destination for more information about this beautiful place.

The Citrus Tower

The Citrus Tower
Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont- The Citrus Tower

Clermont’s Citrus Tower looms more than 200 feet over the surrounding landscape and has been a noticeable icon on the town’s skyline since 1956. It was built as a monument to Florida’s citrus industry, which has always been a large part of the state’s total economy, and provides oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits to the US and world year-round.

Most visitors don’t spend more than an hour or so on-site, but in addition to its unique photo-ops, the tower provides some unique and interesting historical context into the economy and development of the Sunshine State.

Golfing at Legends Golf and Country Club

Golfing at Legends Golf and Country Club is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for golfers. Florida is definitely one of the best places to visit if you enjoy golfing.

The Legends Golf and Country Club is really well set and beautiful with great courses. If you are in the mood for some lightweight golfing and having some fun with your friends, then you should definitely visit this place. It is an 18 hole course, spread almost over 7000 yards of green manicured grass and wonderful palm trees. The course has been a little challenging, but most players will enjoy playing here, even if you’re an amateur or not.

Moreover, it is set in a very geographically distinct area with different elevations. And also scenic views of the nearby lake Louisa which makes for a great and thrilling game.

Enjoy the lovely thing in the Orlando cat cafe

Enjoy the lovely thing in the Orlando cat cafe
Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont- Orlando cat cafe

For diehard cat lovers who had to leave their feline friends at home during their visit to Florida, there’s a place in Clermont that gives guests a chance to hang out with cats. The good news is that unlike at home, at the Orlando Cat Café, it’s the staff’s responsibility to clean the litter boxes.

In addition to its furry residents, the café is known to have tasty food and reasonable prices – all in a relaxed and sanitary setting. For those in the area long-term, there’s an adoption center on-site where you can spend a little time with possible candidates before committing to taking them home.

Visit the Withers – Maguire House

One of the most prominent historical homes of Clermont is the Withers – Maguire house located on East Oakland Avenue.

This majestic house is well preserved and a great historical site to visit. Inside the house, are aesthetic pieces of classical art, great antique furniture, and other housewares from the olden times.

Built originally during the 1880s this house has stood the test of time and provides a great insight into how life was about almost a century ago. The architecture is also very beautiful to look at and makes for a great backdrop for some simplistic yet pretty pictures.

Waterfront Park

Best & Fun Things to do in Clermont- Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is truly a great place for thinking and also enjoying the calmness which the serenity of nature offers, This wonderful park is situated directly at the waterfront.

One of the things that make the park one of the most visited in Clermont is the fact that the park offers both locals and tourists full access to a public fishing pier. At Waterfront Park, you will find a paved walking trail, enjoy the clear sky and the beautiful weather of the area as you walk the trail. It is a family-friendly destination, even the kids are going to love Waterfront park for it has a playground where your kids can play. Some other fun activities which you can engage in while in the park include swimming, jogging, fishing, and lots more.

Check out the park’s website to know when next they will be hosting one of their several triathlons, as well as the unique water competitions which they host. One of these water competitions is the Champions’ Dragon Boat Festiva, you will enjoy this festival.

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