Best Things to Do in Bozeman- tourist destination for visitors of all ages

Best Things to Do in Bozeman

Nestled in the Gallatin Valley surrounded by the majestic Rockies, Bozeman is a vibrant university town with a diverse selection of attractions, restaurants, wedding venues, and activities. . With more than 300 sunny days a year, Bozeman, Montana, is a four-season tourist destination for travelers of all ages. With Yellowstone Park, just a short drive away, miles of hiking and cycling trails through Gallatin National Forest, fish-filled rivers and streams, great skiing in winter, great museums Its own symphony orchestra, theater, opera, and ballet, Bozeman is a lovely weekend town. Here are the Best Things to Do in Bozeman- a tourist destination for visitors of all ages you should visit one time in your life.

Explore the miraculous Yellowstone National Park

Explore the miraculous Yellowstone National Park

Did you know that Bozeman also happens to be the gateway to this national park?

Yes, just an 80-mile away from Bozeman- Yellowstone National Park stands proudly drawing millions of visitors every year. There are some unique features in the Yellowstone that leave people with their jaws hanging in the air.

If you are going from Bozeman, you should be entering through the north gates i.e the gates of the Gardiner River. There are a few special features near those gates like the iconic Mammoth Hot Springs. You can treat the Yellowstone National Park as a day trip or there are some hotels near and inside the park as well if you want to spend some time in the wilderness.

Museum of the Rockies

Best known for an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, the Museum of the Rockies (MOR) unearths a wide range of scientific insights into the Rocky Mountain region.

Affiliated with both Montana State University and the Smithsonian Institute, some of the permanent exhibits at this attraction include the Siebel Dinosaur Complex, the Paugh History Hall, and the Martin Children’s Discovery Center. All admission tickets to the museum are good for a two-day span.

At MOR, you can see one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons ever recovered, Big Al, in the aptly named Hall of Giants. You can also glimpse the native cultures of the region in the Welcome to Yellowstone Country exhibit.

The museum also offers teen summer camps, adult lecture series, and planetarium shows at the Taylor Planetarium. The museum is open every day of the year except for major holidays, with extended hours between May and September.

Gallatin River

Gallatin River

Named after the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Albert Gallatin, the Gallatin River is 120 miles long and is one of three rivers that forms the Missouri River. Considered one of the best whitewater rafting runs in the Yellowstone area, visitors from all over flock to the challenge. The scenic river winds through mountainous meadows and descends into the Gallatin Canyon.

It is a popular destination for fly fishing where mountain whitefish, brown trout, and rainbow trout are popular fish species that are found. Visitors are urged to take in the incredible scenery while zip-lining, kayaking, or camping in traditional Native American teepee style on the many campsites along the river.

Take a few snaps of the Gallatin River

The Albert Gallatin is one of the best sights to see in Bozeman. It also happens to be among one of the three rivers that form the beautiful main river of Missouri.

Want to try out white water rafting? The Gallatin River is one of the best places to try out that. Providing some of the best views of the very beautiful Gallatin Canyon, the river is an amazing place to experience the scenic beauty.

Mountain fishing is also practiced here. There are even ziplining or kayaking options here.

Take a walk around Downtown

Take a walk around Downtown

Main Street is one of the most lively areas in Bozeman. With the amalgamation of the Western culture along with the modern vibes that come from the college folks- Main Street is one of the best places to head over to if you are looking for some good cheerful places. Also, if you are hungry, check out one of the many restaurants or food chains that are lined up on both sides of the road.

There are a few pizza shops that are supposedly the best ones in Montana. Cafes and bakeries line up on either side too. On Thursdays- you hear live music playing in the downtown area!

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