The Best Things to Do in Gulfport- a diversified city in Mississippi

The Best Things to Do in Gulfport

With its clear emerald blue waters and white sand beaches, the town of Gulfport on the Mississippi Gulf Coast attracts lots of visitors, especially families, every year. Water and theme parks and water sports equipment rentals provide thrilling activities for the brave, while others can relax in the calm waters of the bay by private boat trips. The town has a wide selection of museums, including children’s museums, antique cars, and train model museums, and even the famous Stennis Space Center tours. In this post, we would share The Best Things to Do in Gulfport- a diversified city in Mississippi.

Pop in Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

Pop in Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

The Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum is all for train lovers. It is even maintained by a passionate group of people who want to keep this tradition of railways and railings of Gulfport alive.

There are a lot of model trains and railways that can be found in these museums. If you want to look around for a bit more- there are a lot of things that will definitely catch your attention.

The top among them is a lego set! Well, an entire town along with its train system has been built with this lego set and people usually tend to go crazy for this one!

Visit the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

One of the most attractive places in Gulfport- Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is a nice place to visit with your family and little ones. The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center also happens to be the first of the many children’s museums that has been built here in Mississipi. Having an area of almost 15,000 square feet, the center is filled with displays.

There are a lot of interactive sessions happening within the center that children seem to love. Does your child love to read books? You can get access to the small library incorporated inside the museum too!

Visit the Stennis Space Center

Visit the Stennis Space Center

Stennis Space Center serves as one of the official testing centers of NASA. Wanna explore a bit around the Stennis Space Center? Yes, we already know the answer to that! Come on, follow us, and we shall tell you more about it.

The main objective of the center was to help out the main branch by acting as a test center for certain rocket kits during the infamous Apollo space project. But, it soon became one of the official test centers after that and continues to help out in many such important projects.

You can go check out the INFINITY Science Center where you shall get to know more about such important projects.

North Star Sailing Charters

North Star Sailing Charters is a private charter sailing company situated at the Gulfport Small Craft Harbor. Its two sailboats, the 40-foot Kashmir and the 31-foot Polaris, take guests out on private charter trips along the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf of Mexico.

Each charter can take up to six passengers, and many packages are offered, including daytime, sunset, and moonlight cruises, trips for dolphin and pelican watching, and private dinner cruises catered by a local Gulfport restaurant. North Star allows for flexible start times, and they let clients customize their charter to their needs. The company also offers sailing lessons.

Try ziplining

Try ziplining

As you can see by now- Gulfport is truly the land of adventure. For this reason, there are too many options to choose from. If you are looking to having some fun along with enjoying some great scenes- Zip’N Fun Adventure Park is your destination.

The park has a unique way of treating its visitors to the ultimate fun. You shall have to get on top of a tree first to let it all begin. Every game is performed through ziplines here. It’s one of the most amazing ways to get a full view of the coastal areas as well as play some adventurous games.

You shall be given all of the safety gears and there are almost 50 games you can play while you go zip-lining. There is a network of zip-line that connect with each other to give you the best course.

Pay a visit to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

The biodiversity that is found in the coastal areas, as well as the inland areas of Gulfport, is diverse. If you are interested a bit in nature, we have one of the top spots in Gulfport just for you. After all, ecology plays an important role here. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies attracts a lot of people to its place who are interested in the different marine animals.

A lot of marine animals die without getting any treatment, and for this reason- the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies has taken it upon itself to bring back these injured animals to health.

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