Best Things to Do in Taos: Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Taos

Best Things to Do in Taos

Taos is a city that inspires, amazes and captures the hearts of all who visit. Discovered by nomadic tribes thousands of years ago and believed to be the legendary Golden City of Conquistador Hernando de Alvarado, Taos, New Mexico, is where greats like Aldous Huxley and Georgia O’Keefe were created their best works. It is a city known for its great skiing, stunning art galleries, historic Taos Pueblo, great restaurants, and year-round festival and wedding venues. Here are the Best Things to Do in Taos that we listed below, keep reading!

Take a walk around Taos Historic District

Take a walk around Taos Historic District

If you want to have a real taste of what Taos is, you need to go and take a look around Taos Historic District. This is the part of the city that is crowded and lively. It has all the flavors any city of New Mexico should have.

The heart of Taos Historic District- Taos Plaza is just a lovely place that draws all of the tourists.
All these were built almost 300 years ago, and to this date- they are doing quite well.

It doesn’t matter if you are hungry or are looking for buying some souvenirs- when in Taos and you are looking for something- Taos Historic District is the place you come to. Looking for some gifts at an affordable rate? There are a lot of boutiques lined up on both sides of the street here. Moreover, the Taos Plaza contains some of the best restaurants in the city.

There are always a lot of converts or live music playing in the corners of street ll throughout summer. And, you can actively take part in these. If you notice the buildings around you- you shall see a lot of them have the architectural style of the ancient Spanish Colonial Style.

The Millicent Rogers Museum

Millicent Rogers was the granddaughter and heiress of one of the original founders of Standard Oil. Escaping what she felt was the drudgery of her East Coast existence, the socialite came to Taos and put her money into the Taos art colony, supporting both struggling artists and also many of the impoverished Native American children of the region. Originally opened in the 1950s, the museum initially boasted Rogers’ impressive personal collection of Southwestern art.

Today, galleries feature an extensive, quality collection of Native American and Hispanic Art, as well as Anglo-European works. Items on display include jewelry, textiles, pottery, and tin-work, as well as contemporary arts and crafts. Among the represented artists are Maria and Julian Martinez. The Millicent Rogers Museum also boasts an impressive view of both the snow-capped peaks to the east and the expansive plateau and volcanic structures to the west.

Hacienda de los Martinez

Hacienda de los Martinez

On the banks of the Rio Pueblo in Taos is the Hacienda de Los Martinez, a fully restored Spanish Colonial building from 1804. Strategically located at the terminus of the Camino Real, the Martinez home became an important trade center in the early 1800s. Known throughout the region as a large and well-established cattle ranch run by a trusted family, the imposing structure was originally built by Severino Martin – a name that was later changed to Martinez.

Today, the home serves as an outstanding historical museum with 21 rooms and two courtyards highlighting life in Taos before the New Mexico territory was taken over by the United States. Check the museum’s calendar to see about upcoming exhibitions and craft demonstrations, which change regularly throughout the year.

The El Rio Grande del Norte National Monument

The northern part of Taos extending to the border of Colorado- all the lands present in these regions are under the iconic El Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

More than 250,000 acres fall under these lands. So, you can just imagine the size of this region!
Bureau of Land Management takes care of these landscapes. And, if you explore- you can come across a lot of different ecosystems. There are even grasslands and alpine ranges in this region!

Ute Mountain and Rio Grande Gorge are all present here providing the place with paralleled beauty. The Wild Rivers Recreation Area and the Orilla Verde Recreation Area are also within these lands.

Takes around Wheeler Peak on Enchanted Circle Drive

Takes around Wheeler Peak on Enchanted Circle Drive

Just as magical as it sounds, Enchanted Circle Drive takes you on a lovely loop around Wheeler Peak, passing stunning scenery, landscapes and nature along the way. Stretching 136 kilometers in length, it is one of the most popular and picturesque routes to take in the whole of New Mexico.

On the way, you’ll pass by massive mesas and majestic mountains as well as verdant valleys and vast forests with plenty of scenic spots for you to stop off at. As its wonderful wilderness just begs to be explored, there are lots of exquisite outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy along the route with hiking, camping, and wildlife watching among the most popular.

In addition to this, Enchanted Circle Drive has everything from cozy cabins to luxurious lodges for guests to stay at with sensational ski resorts to be found up in the mountains. With countless interesting historic sites and quaint villages also lining its loop, the remarkable route really does have it all.


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