The Best Interesting Things to Do in Peoria, Illinois

The Best Interesting Things to Do in Peoria, Illinois

Located on the Illinois River, Peoria is a historic city offering many unique attractions, museums and entertainment. Explore the Peoria Riverside Museum, drop by the Caterpillar Visitor Center and walk through the Luthy Botanical Garden, home to a beautiful greenhouse filled with orchids and tropical plants. The best things to do in Peoria for families include the Peoria Zoo, the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and the Forest Park Nature Center. We are listed below The Best Interesting Things to Do in Peoria, Illinois for your reference.

Relish the High-Quality low budget shows at Corn Stock Theatre

Some travelers may have bent over us drama performances classic players another event and they must be aware of the fact those do not come cheap. For most travelers maintaining a balanced budget on the trip is preferable and for those the con stop Theatre it’s an excellent option to enjoy high-quality performances on a budget.

The performances are held usually five times per year. In winter or fall, the events are performed at the branch theatre at Bradley park and during the summer months, under a classic huge top-style tent. This Theatre was created specifically to provide the local denizens with stage productions of outstanding quality at reasonable prices, with the goal in mind to let everyone enjoy good entertainment at low prices.

Meet the wildlife at Peoria Zoo

Meet the wildlife at Peoria Zoo
The Best Interesting Things to Do in Peoria- Peoria Zoo

Attention wildlife enthusiasts! if you are looking for a place to encounter the rare and exotic creatures of fauna, if you are looking to have fun with your friends enjoying the outdoors, then you are invited to Peoria zoo, on offer is Illinois’s one of the best attraction.

Now a famous local attraction, it comes from a humble starting point, from a donated herd of elk. Currently, the zoo maintains exhibits of rhinos, giraffes, zebras and many more animals. Walk along the Asian trails or Australia walk-about, roam around the place with your gang, keep moving, have fun. Make some memories, that might someday come in handy in a conversation.

Feel the harmony at Forest Park Nature Center

Featuring hiking trails of more than seven miles, forested Woodlands, open prairie lands, going hiking at the changing landscapes of forest park nature center is one of the best things to do in Peoria, IL. If you are a hiking enthusiast, then you must be aware that you need to keep your basic supplies with you at all times, along with a minimum of two water bottles, bug repellent, basic medicinal first aid, perhaps a towel, and most importantly your best hiking shoes.

Musical events and educational programs are sometimes also held at the center so research a bit before you come some of the extra features of the center are a bird observation room, the National History museum area and a bookstore. The bookstore is named ‘trailhead nature store’ that is unique in the way that it sells books mostly related to nature and outdoor adventures, hiking-related items and such.

Enjoy a guided tour with a twist

Enjoy a guided tour with a twist
The Best Interesting Things to Do in Peoria- Enjoy a guided tour

To the tourists that are too tired to walk, Medically unfit to walk, or don’t want to walk, a segway guided tour with the world on wheels might interest you.
Some tourists like wandering around alone, discovering things on their own, others prefer guided and narrated tours, listening to the background and significance of the sites they visit.

If you’re The second kind then joining a Segway tour or a quadricycle bike door stopping along with the ways and clicking pictures of the famous sites The feeling of shared pilgrimage, that these kinds of tours arouse, is what most tourists crave.
You might be college students on vacation, colleagues at the workplace, kids on a school trip, NGO or Private organizations, there are many guided tour plans available for all. Even for those that prefer walking around and for others the segway and quadricycle bike tours are great ways to spend your trip.

Explore the sky at Northmoor Observatory

The Northmoor Observatory is a poetic piece of Peoria’s community, offering viewings of the stars and planets. With collaborations with the Peoria Public Library, there are monthly events such as International Moon Night. Geek out over catching a glimpse of neighboring planets through the 9-inch refractor telescope on-site. Though the telescope was constructed in 1913, the observatory underwent a major renovation in 2009, when a new rotating dome was installed. The first observatory in Illinois to offer public viewings, head to Northmoor cloudless Saturdays from May to October.

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