The Edifier X3 Review: The ultra-cheap wireless earbuds

The Edifier X3 true wireless earbuds come in with an extremely compact form-factor, making them great for use on the go. Featuring touch controls, 24 hours of total playtime, and IP55 water resistance, the X3 provides an appealing feature-set for a pair of affordable earbuds.

The Edifier X3 Review: The ultra-cheap wireless earbuds

Design & Build Quality

The Edifier X3 - Build Quality

The earbuds feature a lightweight black plastic build with a matte finish, which helps the earbuds from catching scratches and skin oils and keeps them looking nicer for longer, the lightweight build also makes the earbuds very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Just around the touch controls on the outer sides is a glossy ring which helps to break up the design and add some flare.

The earbuds feature a bud-style design that fits well within the ear, with rubber ear tips to provide a secure fit which also helps with passive sound isolation. There are two additional sizes of rubber ear tips included within the box so you can get a fit that is right for you. The ear tips themselves are a grey color which looks good and I find that they do not show skin oils as much as black ear tips do.

The earbuds also have some small holes for the microphones and also an LED status light so you can check to see if the earbuds have connected to your device, these LED lights also illuminate when the earbuds are charging in the charging case.

Overall, we think the earbuds provide a well-made construction and finish for the price which feels good. The shape of the earbuds is well suited for the ear as the underside has an ergonomic design that fits well.

Sound Quality

The Edifier X3 - Sound Quality

The bass on the Edifier X3 gives a nice thump that can pulsate in your ears and delivers enough power to pump up the music. In pop, modern dance music, and hip-hop, it’s definitely possible to feel the bass slam. Yet, it doesn’t force itself in front in music that doesn’t ask for it. Whichever genre you’re listening to, there’s an enjoyable bass amount – including sub-bass depths when asked for.

The Edifier avoids the territory the highest highs – but boy, it comes pretty close. There’s a lot of body and space in the treble, but the Edifier X3 never sounds too bright or too harsh – even in songs with lots of violin play or cymbals. Instruments like those and also guitars and pianos, get enough room to shine.

The most outspoken part of the X3’s sound signature is the vocals. They sound forward, no matter if it’s darker male voices or the highest-pitched (female) voices. Singers sound clear and take a prominent role in the music, without overruling instruments or other frequencies. There’s a good level of detail overall.

The Edifier X3 has an airy soundstage, with good left-right separation. In easier going songs, it’s also possible to place instruments. Dynamics on the Edifier X3 can suffer a bit in full electronic pop and dance tracks, however, causing a sort of hiss over the upper-mid tones. Claps too can sound a little too prominent. This is nitpicking in this price range, however.


The Edifier X3 - Microphone

If you find yourself needing to make a phone call or record a voice memo with these earbuds, you needn’t worry – the microphone quality is fantastic. The microphones managed to pick up the voice clearly and with good quality at an easily audible volume.

Connectivity and Controls

edifier x3 earbuds 1 feaimage

Previous Edifier wireless earbuds like the Edifier TWS6 barely had any controls on the earpieces. The controls on the X3 could have been better too. With a single tap on one of the earbuds, you play or pause music. A long press activates the voice assistant on your phone. By tapping any of the earpieces twice, you skip a song. Returning a track is done by touching a bud three times. It isn’t possible to change the volume, unfortunately.

There’s a reason behind having the same controls on both earpieces. The Edifier X3 lets you swap instantly between listening to one or both earpieces. By putting one bud in the case to recharge it, you can continue listening to the other earpiece, and control it the same way.

The rest of the connectivity on the Edifier X3 is stellar, too. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection holds its strength up to ten meters, and also while walking or cycling.

Edifier X3 Earbuds Review 2

In conclusion, The Edifier X3 buds are perfect for those with a combination of work and play use cases. A commute will be made more fun with these tiny buds, once they are a part of normal life for everyone once more. Fitness workouts are a cinch also, thanks to the inclusion of IPX5 protection. A jog in the rain should be fine too as the IPX5 rating measures a sustained, targeted water spray.

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