Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live


We all recognize mobile technology as the real game-changer in the creation of the world as we experience it today. The hidden truth, though, is that there would be no smartphone without the Internet revolution. We are the result of this revolution. We can start with one simple question: Can you imagine your life without the Internet? Just close your eyes for a moment and think about what life was before the web. You can barely remember that time if you were born and grew up before the Internet. If you are a digital native, this task is simply impossible. Here are the Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live you may not know.

Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live


10 Ways Internet Has Changed The Way We Live

Do you still remember phone calls and letters? We have witnessed a complex evolution in the way we connect with other people and with companies. First came the chat rooms and forums, then – especially after the spread of smartphones – social networks and online communities. Face to face communication is still important but we increasingly rely on wide circles of strangers to decide what to do and what to buy. In the mobile era, communication is about building networks.


The success of Amazon, eBay, and online marketplaces says that visiting the physical location of a store is no longer mandatory if you want to make a purchase. Shopping for a particular item looks like a journey across channels: you can see a product in the store, search for information online, compare prices between retailers, make the purchase in-app and pick it up at the store. The disruption of the retail industry always implies the renovation of the retail customer experience.




You do not need to know someone to love him/her. You do not need to feel the pressure of playing all your cards in a few minutes while waiting for the bus. Now you can find the love of your life – or at least meet new friends – by simply downloading an app and filling out a profile. Be it dating or building professional relationships, there is a place for you online. This evolution has consequences for businesses: people now rely on a wider circle of trust, other people they barely know that can influence their decisions, one way or another.

Healthcare- The Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live 

In the Internet age, everyone is a doctor. While you should not trust what you read online, when you feel symptoms of some sort, it is undeniable that technology has changed the medical experience and the relationship between doctors and patients. On the one hand, we have the risk of misleading information; on the other hand, the emerging awareness that mobile devices can improve the quality of life and help prevent diseases. Wearables technology is the main driver of the self-tracking obsession; connected with health platforms (HealthKit), they will shape the future of healthcare.

Impact Of Internet On Games

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Are you a games freak and have very good hand and eye coordination. Then why don’t you log onto the internet? The web has now become the largest platform for sports on the planet. Choose from a wide range of online games from the internet and have a fantastic experience.

To cater to your needs and preferences, there are plenty of online gaming sites that are available. You can choose from a wide range of games like action or shooter games, puzzle games, tactical games, word games, retro games and so on. If you are a lover of sports, then there are lots of sports and racing games as well that you can play online. Some of the popular gaming sites also have different game categories for girls and boys.

Most of the online games offer a great gaming experience for you. The graphics are wonderful and you can have a real-life feeling. There are strategy games where you need to show your mental skills to advance through the levels.

Even you can earn money by playing online games. Are you surprised? Well, there are lots of online casino games where you will not only feel that adrenaline rush but also earn loads of money at the end of the day. If you are good at gambling, these games are perfect for filling your wallet with just a click of a mouse!

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