Review of Tribit XFree Tune: Best Battery Life

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The Tribit XFree Tune is a huge step up from the listening experience of earbuds, for a reasonably low price. However, a lack of great sound isolation and a fit that is only comfortable for people with small ears make these headphones less than ideal for many people. If you’re shopping on a budget and really care about sound quality, we would recommend spending just a bit more on the TaoTronics TT-BH060. But before making a decision take the reference from the Review of Tribit XFree Tune.

Review of Tribit XFree Tune: Best Battery Life

1. Design


As most over the ear headphones have a pretty similar design these days other than branding, the XFree Tune carries the same design of two earpieces attached to a band that sits atop your head. The kicker with these guys is they fold inward just before the earpieces, unlike most other headphones. This feature is different and could be looked into being added to some big-name companies.

Starting off with the band, it has a rubber/plastic feel to it while the underside has a nice and soft leatherette cushioning giving you as much comfort as possible. Traveling down each side of the headset, you’ll reach a slit that lets the headset fold inward for easy carrying. Continuing down is the outer decorative grill design piece with Tribit’s logo dead center. By the looks of the grill, it may seem as if it’s an open ear design, but unfortunately, that’s not the case here.

On the inside are four stainless steel pieces: two holding down the leatherette cushion and the other two labeled “L” and “R” for the left and right of the headset. The band on the inside is also stainless steel letting you adjust the headset for a better fit. The earpieces have the same soft leatherette material to give you comfort for using the headset for an extended period of time. We did have a small problem with the earpieces. Our ears seemed too small for the hole for your ears on the headset causing it to slide down our head a bit. If we moved the head too quickly, we would have to readjust the headset on our head. Not a serious issue, but those with small ears and a small head may run into this issue as we have. One other problem we stumbled upon was fingerprints. With any matte material, you can see smudges on a device and clean them off, only to keep doing it over and over again. we like the matte finish on most devices, so the fingerprints weren’t a big deal either.

2. Sound Quality

Review of Tribit XFree Tune

Overall, this headphone delivers pretty clean sound – especially considering it is only $50. The lows are nice and punchy which makes this headphone a good option for bass heads. The mids are lively and full with a good amount of detail. The highs also perform quite well without becoming too bright. Also, for the small, but mighty group of headphone enthusiasts looking for “really loud” headphones, Tribit XFree Tune definitely falls into that category, listening at about half volume was more than enough for me. We did turn it up all the way (out poor hair cells), and the headphones can really push the limit. However, your music will distort

3. Battery & Connection

Review of Tribit XFree Tune

Compared to other headphones I’ve used, the XFree has incredibly impressive battery life. We can use it for continuous days and then have to finally recharge. According to the box, it gets 40 hours of playtime but it feels more than that, but we also don’t have it at maximum volume all the time. Charging them takes quite a bit of time (about 4 hours), but the battery lasts so long we can’t really complain about that. One of our favorite features is that it includes a 3.5 mm cord so you can just plug it in if you don’t want to use Bluetooth or your battery dies. The one thing we’d change about these headphones is that the 3.5mm jack would be on the right vs the left side since that’s the side it’s on our computer.

Using Bluetooth 4.1, we haven’t had a single disconnection from any of our devices. It stays paired up to 33 feet away, which for us is perfect when it comes to being able to move around our apartment without any issues.

Review of Tribit XFree Tune

Setting aside the more obvious issue of weight becoming an issue over extended periods, these headphones may just be the ones to beat in their particular market segment. That only becomes more obvious when considering that Tribit’s XFree Tune headphones sell at Amazon for just $49.99 – although they are periodically on sale for the same price at the official site. The retail suggested price is actually nearly $100. So they may also represent the best value available. Tones in every register are clear and unmuddied, they’re exceptionally comfortable, and the charge is a bit better than might be expected with consideration for the impedance rating. On the aesthetics side of the equation, although they’re only available in a single color, these headphones are sleek and modern looking. There’s really not a lot to complain about, as it feels like Tribit really hit a home run with its XFree Tune over-the-ear set. Hope you have a good time with the Review of Tribit XFree Tune.

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