The Best Things to Do in Boise- Most populous city in Idaho

The Best Things to Do in Boise

As the capital and most populous city in Idaho, Boise has a lot to do, from outdoor attractions, such as the Boise River Greenbelt, Kathryn Albertson Park, and the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. But its downtown area is also a great place to explore and some unique attractions, such as the Old Idaho Prison and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Monument, are well worth the effort your level. Today, we are here with 1The Best Things to Do in Boise that will make you think about planning a trip to this gorgeous city of beauty.

Check out the Boise Zoo

Check out the Boise Zoo

If you are someone who takes a great interest in the wildlife, then you might find it appealing to spend an idle afternoon here in the Boise Zoo.

The zoo has a vast display and the animals found here are both native as well as international. Some of the animals that need special mention are sloth bears, giraffes, and many more. Also, you can interact with the animals. The children can feed some specific animals like goats and sheep. There are always presentations going on about different animals where you can learn freely about a particular species. The zoo also hosts special events for the children and the tourists.

Have a picnic at Camel’s Back Park

Camel’s Back Park is one of the most favored picnic spots in all of Boise. It is popular mainly because of its background and location. It has some of the most graceful views of the Boise foothills and being an open space it gives off a calm and peaceful vibe.

Tourists like driving up to this place, sitting, and having a chill day. Also, if you are feeling adventurous- there are some trails that start from Camel’s Back Park and ride up to the Boise Foothills. You can try those out for yourselves!

Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise – or Boise’s central business district – sits north of the Boise River and welcomes visitors with its local restaurants, shops and attractions. Here you’ll find the Idaho State Capitol Building and the nearby Zoo Boise and Albertsons Stadium, home to the Boise State Broncos football team. Two farmers markets operate from the spring to the fall and winter, and a collection of popular events, such as Restaurant Week, fill downtown Boise’s calendar.

Recent visitors highly recommend spending time in downtown Boise, also suggesting that travelers check out the district’s ever-changing lineup of events on to take advantage of the vibrant activities. Others highlight the high-caliber dining establishments and nightlife venues.

Enjoy at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area

Less than a 20-mile drive north of downtown Boise, the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area attracts visitors to its ski and snowboard slopes in the winter and its hiking trails in the summer. Bogus Basin also provides skiing and snowboarding lessons – and a lodge to relax and enjoy a bite and a drink after being out on the slopes.

Recent visitors couldn’t say enough about the beauty of Bogus Basin’s 360-degree Treasure Valley views and its variety of ski runs. But even without powder on the slopes, reviewers rave about Bogus Basin, citing hiking and mountain biking opportunities. Other warm-weather activities include a scenic chair lift, an alpine coaster, a climbing wall, and summer tubing.

Capital City Public Market

Capital City Public Market

Located on West Bannock Street, the Capital City Public Market features fresh local produce, food, and a variety of local artisans. The market had its beginnings as an open-air market in 1994 with just a few vendors. Today the market has grown to more than 150 vendors per day during the peak season, and it occupies four city blocks in downtown Boise.

Items for sale in the market include baked goods, fish, fruit, meat, vegetables, and much more. The market also hosts special events like musical performances, Bike to Market for Bike Month, and Wiggly Worms, a children’s program about red wiggler worm composting. The market is open on Saturday.

Hulls Gulch Reserve

Hulls Gulch Reserve is the home of two trails, The Grove and Lower Hulls Gulch. The 292-acre preserve is located at the base of the foothills north of downtown Boise. The name comes from the creek that begins in the foothills and flows through the reserve.

There are about 150 miles of trails for hikers, horseback riders, mountain bikers, and runners. The reserve is home to a large variety of wildlife, and visitors can enjoy catching glimpses of birds like the great horned owl as well as reptiles like lizards and snakes and mammals such as coyotes, mule deer, and red fox. The Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center educates visitors about the environment and preservation.

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